How to get your AC Ready for Spring?


It is a general question that should be asked to ourselves before every spring. As we know Florida weather is tough in Spring & it can also be very humid. Which in return can cost you a higher expense on energy bills.

Following to this, you may attempt to set the performance of your Air Conditioner according to your requirement’s. However, it could be not running according to your performance & there could be some occasions where you might get uncomfortable by your AC performance. A wise man advice would be to say not to wait until your AC is on the edge of low performance &  can take some precautions to ensure the performance ongoing.

Let’s discuss some of the signs which may indicate that your AC needs some care & Repair.

Do A Rain Check

As we do not deal with blizzard or thick snow temperature similar to a deep freeze of a fridge as North Side of the states. Our temp is moderate during winter’s & very hot during summer. However, we still have our winters.  Our summers are comparatively hot, which is why it is important to check your AC & be prepared for summer.

Check for any dry leaves or thick dust covering the exterior part of the AC or which may have blown in. Also, other important thing to check if any grass or a cheaper tree has grown alongside your unit. These little measures can help your unit to perform at its peak.

Another important aspect to check is for rust or if you have a pet (Dog). Dog piss can also be very bad for the condenser & its coil, if you have a Pet Dog then you need to check the unit for these indications on your AC.

Let’s discuss some of the signs which may indicate that your AC needs some care & Repair.

Hire a professional for a Tune-Up of your AC

It is recommended for a complete peace of mind for Summer to hire a professional to inspect your AC, you need to be sure that your AC is ready for the Summer or a pretty long & hard summer.

Tune-Up generally covers the following:

Condenser Check, Gas Pressure, Both Fans oiling, Drain Cleaning, Blower Check, Duct Leaks Check, Thermostat, Condenser, Air Flow Check, Indoor Cooling, Checking AC Wire for any Cracks to avoid electric hazards, Safty Controls.

AC Tune-Up can help you to maintain the performance of the AC in the peak summer’s & also may help you in reducing the electric bill by 10% to 20% if you follow the guidelines given by your AC Technician.