How To Stripe Front Line Parking Lot

How To Stripe Front Line Parking Lot In Houston

If you have a Business or any other business where your customers are driving in & if there is a huge possibility of parking mess, you should be considering for Parking Lot Striping with as this will enable a parking manner where cars can be parked in a method to easy access to your business even if you are running a Hotel or any other business.

First Step

The initial first step is to do the estimate of the Job. Measure the area on which part needs the striping. When you decide the day to do the Job then you would also need a striping machine to do the paint job for you as you yourself can’t draw the straight lines. Make sure if you are renting a striping machine, then do remember to unload it near the grass area & if you have access to water then nothing like it. This place can give you access to clean your machine without letting the work go to waste.

You would also be requiring stencils if you want to write something on the floor & a blower.

Next step would be selecting a Striping Zone. You can select the area close to you to make it easy & try to use a caution tape for the job. Do remember to use the necessary arrangements like cones to keep the cars away & not entering the stripping area as you do not want to mess up the striping job as if the cars enter on wet paint or even they are passing by then it would make the striping job a mess.

You can also hire some professional company to help you for parking Lot striping.

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